Effective Telemarketing Practices

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Telemarketing is one aspect of the call center that you cannot let wither away and die. I say that because that's where telemarketing services are headed. There are dozens of restrictions against call centers that make lead generation calls to prospective customers. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and other such bodies have taken every step possible to strangle this sector. BPO units are being fined in millions to set examples for the others. The question of an individual's privacy is driving the telecom authorities to almost obliterate a sector that provides employment and livelihood to millions of people across the world. The business process outsourcing sector has to think of something that will revive this problem. Let's find out some ways in which this issue can be tackled.

To revive the telemarketing sector, the first step that needs to be taken is to ensure that they are made more effective. The primary cause of complaint against call center units making these calls owes their roots to unprofessional handling of such calls. BPO agents making calls often tend to push for sales right from the first contact. That makes the whole process very opportunistic and the receivers are repelled. The ideal way to push for lead generation is to win the trust of the prospective consumers. The outbound call center agents must be trained to talk about the client's company and brand before they speak about the products/services. If you go by the marketing rules, it's the brand that will ultimately sell the product/service. That's what the aim should be – to promote the brand.

Establishing trust is the key to telemarketing services. Consumers will never talk to a stranger who's trying to sell them something. They will rather deal with someone they know and can rely upon. Many perceive BPO agents to disappear into oblivion once the sale has been made. The prospective consumers feel that they will never be able to get proper customer service once they purchase the product. It's the task of the sales lead generation person to make sure that their wrong perceptions are corrected. They must have a fair idea of the brand before the call center services talk to them about making a purchase. Branding can be a strong persuasive factor. If there is no branding of the client's product/service, that should be the primary aim of the BPO service unit.

While making lead generation calls, you have to keep in mind that customers will want additional information about either the client or the product/service. The BPO agents have to keep the literature ready. Having a website to use as an information bank makes a lot of sense. Call center agents can ask the prospective customers to find out more about the client and brand from the website. The agents working with the telemarketing services must be trained to memorize all possible FAQs so that customers are not kept holding on for eternity. When you have clinched the deal, make sure that you follow up. Leads get cold very easily and when that happens, it abuses all the hard work you put in to grab those.

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Effective Telemarketing Practices

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This article was published on 2010/09/13