Tips for Handling Difficult Call Center Clients

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Since call centers are mainly concerned with customer service, agents and representatives work to help clients solve various types of product- or service-related problems. Experts say that out of 50,000 calls, no more than 10 calls to thank the company – the remaining majority calls with complaints. With this scenario, agents often encounter angry or difficult customers that make it hard for them to politely answer.


Difficult clients are those who can’t make up their mind and arrives at a terrible decision and then blames call center agents for it. They will call frequently for the silliest reasons or for no reason at all. This may make agents lose their patience, but call centers are concerned with providing quality service. Here are some tips that may help in handling difficult customers.


In case of angry customers, stay calm and do not take the anger personally. When the client is upset, their emotions can be contagious and agents tend to get affected. Remember that clients are upset about the product or service and not about you. As clients, they have the right to get upset especially if a product or service is important to them. In these situations, it helps to breathe deeply, relax your body, and focus on the clients’ needs rather than your reactions.


Let the client talk and complain until they start to slow down. Interrupting them may make them angrier, and that is bad for business and for your record as an agent. Continuing to acknowledge their concerns will also help them calm down and see that the call center agents can professionally deal with them. Acknowledging their emotions may also make them more manageable and more open to solutions that you can provide.


As call center agents, it’s your job to help the clients focus on their current needs. They may continue arguing with you even after you’ve agreed with them. If this occurs, calmly ask questions to re-direct the conversation back on the issue about the product or service complaint. Understanding clients’ situations will help you in giving more sound advice and information.


Call center agents should provide accurate information so that the difficult customers will be satisfied with their inquiries. In providing a full resolution to their complaints, it’s better to confirm first if they agree with you. By asking how well a solution works, you are focusing you clients’ mind on the solutions.

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Tips for Handling Difficult Call Center Clients

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This article was published on 2011/09/29