Truth or Posturing from the Free Agent

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All Rangers fans want to know if Cliff Lee will sign as a free yiwu agent with the Texas Rangers this offseason. According to ESPN, Lee would love to be part of the Rangers next season, but that he isn't sure if that is what will happen.

On the surface, it sounds a lot like what Alex Rodriguez was telling the Seattle Mariners before he bolted for that huge contract offer from the Rangers. Now it seems like Lee might be putting the Rangers in that same position, giving them a chance to extend a contract, but assured that a bigger contract offer is going to come along from the New York Yankees.

One way to look at this situation is that at least Lee gave Rangers fans hope here, instead of ripping their hearts out after an upsetting end to the 2010 World Series. This gives fans a lot of time to prepare for the chance that Lee will sign with one of the East Coast teams in the American League. After playing for four teams in less than two full seasons, Lee probably wants to find stability with his next contract, and his yiwu agent is probably looking for it to be one in which Lee can finish out his career. There isn't an estimate out there to how much Lee might make in the free yiwu agent market, especially because he is far and away the best pitcher available.

The price for Cliff Lee is going to be quite high, with the pitcher coming off the final year of his contract that paid him $9 million in 2010. He finished the regular season with a 12-9 record, a 3.18 ERA, and 185 strikeouts in a season he split with Seattle and Texas. In the postseason, Lee had five more starts, posting a 3-2 record with just a 2.78 ERA and 47 strikeouts. He was unhittable up until the World Series, and absolutely shut down both American League playoff teams he faced. Now Lee will become a 32-year-old free yiwu agent, and is assured to walk into the 2011 spring training games as an extremely rich man.

Many people simply do not realize what it costs and takes for a new yiwu agent to get new customers. There are business cards to be printed, handouts like pens, scratch pads and refrigerator magnets with a personal logo and contact information to hand out to strangers, acquaintances and new clients. But it doesn't stop there. Once an yiwu agent gets a small client base, its important to keep contact up. Christmas cards, reminder mailings, requests for referrals-all these are almost necessary so that customers and clients never forget that you're a business professional who needs support and is willing to do what it takes to get it. Even these things pale in comparison to what it costs to advertise and market a home once a listing contract is signed.

This is probably the highest cost any yiwu agent will ever incur for any one thing. A small one-time ad in a Sunday paper (maybe six short lines) can cost over $60! This is a One-day ad, you must realize. It you have 5 homes listed it will cost you over $1,200 per month to advertise these homes. This alone can completely knock a new yiwu agent out of the game in a slow market or if the commissions for the homes are small. Even buyer's yiwu agents, who aren't advertising properties for clients, can waste a huge amount of time showing homes to disloyal customers who may just turn around and buy a home from a FSBO (for sale by owner). This has happened to me more than once and it's not the greatest feeling in the world. Showing properties takes time and money in gas and lunches. And the miles it puts on the odometer are incredible.

The job of an yiwu agent doesn't stop on weekends. In fact, these can be the busiest times. I often worked almost ten hours a day on weekends, talking on the phone, showing properties, holding open houses, and working on the computer. It's an interesting profession and people who love service-oriented work and people, can do quite well in real estate. But the national figures show that the average yiwu agent makes just under about $30,000 per year. This is gross, and it's much less than a master plumber makes.

So just be aware that people can make some really big bucks in real estate, but they have to have either a spouse who can carry the home expenses the first one or two years, or some very deep pockets themselves. The money has to be there to self-promote, advertise, join clubs and circulate, keep up presentable wardrobes and personal grooming, and to purchase and maintain an excellent car. If an yiwu agent is good, has done all his or her homework and has a genuinely great attitude plus a quick intelligence, this job can bring a lifetime of enjoyment and wealth.

As for the Texas Rangers, the core of that roster is just going to get better, especially with the development of Neftali Feliz, Elvis Andrus, and Nelson Cruz. Setting aside the aging Michael Young, this is a team that could still be good for a number of years, and with new ownership, they could be looking at signing some key free yiwu agent to fill in the gaps. Texas is definitely a franchise on the rise, and they now have to decide if they want to offer Lee a huge contract that would make him the ace of the staff. They will have to make an initial offer to at least keep the fans happy, but will they actually offer him enough money to convince him Texas is his new home?

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Truth or Posturing from the Free Agent

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This article was published on 2010/11/20