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Whether it is a movie or television show, the people who play the roles of each character are truly what shape its success. The same concept applies to animated films and television shows. When choosing good voice talent, a casting agent plays an essential role in helping to find the best possible voices for each character. There are different ways in which the agent participates in helping with the selection of the final person for each character.

Auditions are held, and the casting agent assists the casting director in making cuts and deciding who will return for another round of auditions. The casting agent also assists with advertising the date, time, and location of auditions and helps with call-backs. Online auditioning is much like auditioning live in the sense that the person auditioning needs to have an understanding of the character they're attempting to play, and should be able to exhibit that through their voice.

Another way casting agents can find talent is to call certain actors or actresses the director might be interested in, and have them do a reading. Since the casting agent and director are pre-choosing who they'd like for the role it makes the whole process much easier.

Agents to maintain professionalism at all times. Communicating with people who are auditioning in a professional manner is very important. Being organized is essential, since the casting agent needs to be able to maintain a database of names, contact numbers, and a way to monitor which voice talent are still in the running, and which are not.

The casting agent should put advertisements in local magazines, newspapers, and online that clearly state what the audition is for. This advertisement does not have to reach just local actors; when posting a casting-call online it can reach International actors, so talented people anywhere can participate in the audition. The casting-call should include any special requirements and let people know the correct date and time to show up for the audition.

A sign-in sheet and calendar is necessary to keep track of all of the names that will come through during the audition. Providing water for people auditioning, as well as ensuring that everyone is comfortable is important, and it's up to the casting agent to help keep this area calm, organized, clean, and as comfortable as possible.

It is up to the casting agent to help the director determine which candidates were potential call-backs and which were not. The agent can also advise the director and give their opinion, as long as the director respects their input.

When a decision has been made, the casting agent will call people back who need to return for another reading, or call the actors they have chosen to play the role. A good casting agent needs to have an eye and ear for talent and needs to be organized, professional, and patient.

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What Casting Agents Do

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This article was published on 2010/11/20